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Getting Around Lockdown Burnout~

It is quite a challenging time of year and no one would have thought lockdowns will still be implemented at the end of 2021. Yes, it is healthy scepticism to think it would continue to the end of the year. Yes, it is causing a lot of grief.

At WLM, we thought how is the best way we would be able to assist? We know are not a not-for-profit organisation, bank, government entity, etc. that change the lockdown landscape.

We are seeing our colleagues feel they need to be on-call now that "everyone" is working from home. Honeymoon days of being flexibly working from home are slowly becoming a challenge with kids not able to go to school or missing loved ones...

Thus, the best way we can assist is to listen to industry colleagues or aid organisations at special terms to ease some of the burdens. We, WLM, too need to be careful of this and avoid not getting stuck in the News constantly reminding us of the grim future (incentivised by their record viewerships).

This will be posted on #LinkedIn for anyone to privately reach out should you feel your manager or coworkers may judge you. We will all come out of it by working together. Cheers! #staysafe


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