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How to make small budgets feel big with Programmatic DOOH

With the increasing availability and adoption of Programmatic Digital Out of Home advertising, the opportunity to curate a media plan with more channels working together is continuing to increase over time.

More importantly, the lower price point for Programmatic DOOH is allowing for more advertisers to run OOH campaigns at not only more efficient costs, but also with smaller budgets. The technology developments allowing for better access to OOH campaigns is all around a more positive experience, and raises a very interesting question for all OOH campaigns at all budgets - How do I get the most out of my Programmatic DOOH campaign? In order to help with this question, here are a few considerations to ensure your OOH campaign is built for success.

Activate digital channels in support of your Programmatic DOOH campaign

Syncing digital channels in line with your Programmatic DOOH campaign is an effective way to ensure you are capitalising on the reach and engagement your campaign is attempting to initiate. It also serves to increase the campaigns reach and frequency as multiple channels are serving campaign messages to your target audience. Digital channels such as Display, Social, Video & Audio can be synced to prioritise users residing within or visiting the geo locations of your Programmatic DOOH campaign. Furthermore separate strategies may also be implemented to serve a specific campaign message to users within these locations, thus allowing further tailoring of the campaign to your target audience's consumer journey and experience.

Consider creative build costs

With Programmatic DOOH, alot of digital creative can be auto expanded and shrunk to fit the specs of various digital boards within the platforms. This eliminates the need for additional creative builds for various board switch specific requirements. The resulting benefit is a reduction in creative costs and ultimately a choice for how to spend the rest of this surplus budget. Consider the impact you want the campaign to have on consumers to help map out which placements should be considered and why.

Flight campaigns with more restrictive budgets

A great way to make a small budget feel big, is to consider flighting activity around key dates as opposed to an always on execution. Sometimes it is more impactful to increase your brand's presence in a physical environment with more boards displaying your brand instead of a more scarce approach. This way consumers will feel like they are seeing your brand everywhere and are more likely to act.

Consider the consumer journey

Who is the user, what is their current behaviour and what new feeling or behaviour are we trying to ignite in them? This will help impact the board type you may choose. For example, for larger awareness lead campaigns, the strategy may be to employ more larger boards to demand users' attention. For more immediate action driven results, you may consider smaller boards in contextually driven environments or consumer driven environments (shopping centres for example). Placing your brand's call to action in an environment where the user is able to act quickly can help improve results for your campaign.

Optimise geo locations

Carefully select geo locations which support your campaign objectives and consist of more people who have a higher propensity to convert than otherwise. While mass coverage and awareness is effective for the most part, the budgets required to execute a campaign in this manner are typically large. Reducing the geo coverage to key areas allows for an increased frequency of ad plays, as well as more boards with closer proximity to each other displaying your brands message.


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