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Meta Connect Livestream 2022 - Ads Perspective

Meta just had an event to share how they envision themselves moving forward.

Quick Takeaways are:- Meta Quest Pro: A new AR/VR headset designed for professionals vs a general user market. Thus, this is their first shift away from only offering a VR device. The cost in AU is the largest barrier at $2,449.99. This is a barrier even for corporate clients that wish to get on board Facebook's Horizon Worlds plans. In the past, the headsets were subsidized.

This takes us to the Avatar they wish you to start using across all Meta products such as Messenger and WhatsApp (even Zoom/Teams). Unfortunately, this is a beta approach at this point in time as it takes away from the vision of human expressions we know so well. The irony is that they acknowledge this via CODEC and Instant Avatar that mimics a real face instead. So, on one hand, they wish you to use the cartoony avatar for now until the next-gen tech is ready.

In summary, their vision of taking Social interactions and conferencing to the next level is great. But, we are still a few iterations away...meaning, it won't be available in scale for AU customers anytime soon from any marketing perspective.


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